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Recent Accomplishments (2014)

Archived Page

This is a page from the Kamusi archives. The information below may be out of date, and the links may no longer be valid. Please visit for current information. If you know of links or information on this page that can be updated, please let us know.

The Kamusi Project has had almost no funding since completing a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in June 2012. Nevertheless, we have managed to push the project along with volunteer efforts, some set-aside funds from the NEH grant, a few private donations, a part time research position and some student labor at a Swiss university, and a lot of IOUs to our programmers.

We have managed to accomplish some important goals during the last two years, and lay the groundwork for much more. A lot of what has occurred has taken place behind the scenes, for two reasons, because (1) we want the system to be as robust as possible before going wild with data collection, since it is easier to fix code early on than to fix data later, and (2) going big with data requires personnel to manage the data, which requires money.

What is it that we've achieved during this funding hiatus?