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Kamusi Kick

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This is a page from the Kamusi archives. The information below may be out of date, and the links may no longer be valid. Please visit for current information. If you know of links or information on this page that can be updated, please let us know.

September is the month for Kamusi Kick, where we work toward solving our eternal problems of fiscal sustainability. To this end, we will host an open discussion with our friends, on Twitter and through email. Our intent is an honest airing of the challenges facing Kamusi, with the objective of answering all of our users’ questions about the project and figuring out a strategy for moving forward together.

Please send your questions and comments about:

Three ways to participate:

  1. Tweet your questions and ideas, using hashtag #kamusikick
  2. Email your questions and ideas to
  3. Follow the discussion at

All are welcome to the discussion – we will do our best to answer every email and tweet. Find @kamusi at

And please, please join the Global Giving campaign for Kamusi at