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Hints and Help for Kamusi Game

The following links and images contain the Hints and Help information for the Kamusi Game, as of its state of development on 14 July, 2015. These instructions are also contained within the Game itself, which is accessible to registered users. The main intent of providing links and images on this page is to offer guidance to people who are localizing the Game into their languages. To join the team and localize the Game for your language, go to, register, and jump in!

Note to localizers: Please use the term for "adjective" where you see "adjective_satellite"

The "About" page:

Instructions for the Translation Game:

Instructions for the Definition Game:

Instructions for the Examples Games:

Choosing User Settings in Kamusi Game

Menu Options:

Notify me about new points I earn in...

  • Real time
  • Once Daily
  • Once Weekly
  • When pigs fly...

Post achievements to my timeline...

  • Always (Every time I have a winning entry)
  • Often (Max once a day)
  • Sometimes (Max once a week)
  • Occasionally (Max once a month)
  • When pigs fly (Never)

"Real time" means "right away" or "immediately".
"When pigs fly" means "never" - if there is a nice colloquial expression in your language, use it, otherwise translate "never".
"Max" means "maximum" or "at most".
"Timeline" is the page on Facebook where news about the user is posted.

User Information in Kamusi Game

"Pending points" are the number of points that a player could earn if a consenus is achieved from the community that all of the player's submitted answers that are correct.
"Success rate" is the ratio of submitted answers to winning answers, for answers that have already been reviewed by the community.

User Information in Kamusi Game

"Leaderboard" shows the scores of the player in comparison to the scores of other players.

"Auto-Loop" is an option for this screen to change the results that it reports on an automatic cycle. If "auto-loop" is off, the user can choose the game, time period, and comparisons they want to see. If it is on, then we will show change the results we display several times a minute.

Menu Options:

Time Period

What to compare

"# of submissions" is the same as "Number of submissions"