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Examples Game Instructions

Examples Games (Tweets and Sentences)
Skip an example where the consensus is "skip": 1 point
Select an example where the consensus is "select": 1 point

Usage examples help people understand how a term is really used. Finding a good example can be hard, however.

Because words have different senses, an example might be excellent in one context but completely wrong in another.

Localization Note! When preparing these instructions for another language, do NOT use this exact example.
Use an example that makes sense in your language!
Please find a term that has multiple senses, and then provide examples where:
1. The 'bad' example is too short, and
2. The different 'good' examples clearly show the different possible senses.

In the Examples games, your goal is to find sentences that are real gems for a specific meaning of a term. The Tweet game shows you a bunch of recent postings to Twitter, while the Sentences game grabs examples from other sources. You read the definition, and click on the tweets or sentences that will be a great help for dictionary users to understand the exact meaning we show.

Remember, you will score points if you and others all agree to "skip", and you will score points if you and others all agree to "select".

Play at your own risk
We try to filter out inappropriate content in advance. Please be warned, however, that some objectionable content might slip through our automated filters. We apologize in advance for the possibility that you might see offensive Tweets. We do not have humans reviewing the content you see in the Examples games – YOU are the filter. By ignoring offensive examples, you will help make them vanish from our data collection.

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