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Definition Game Instructions

Definition Game
Write a definition: 1 point
Vote for the winning definition: 1 point
Write the winning definition: 5 points + credit on the dictionary entry page
Submit a spam definition: -10 points + watchlist

How to write a great definition
Definitions are explanations of what a word means. They are not single words (those are synonyms). You can usually use a definition instead of the actual word.

Definitions are NOT translations. They are written in the same language as the term you are defining. If you are defining a word in your language, the definition should be in that language, too. Definitions should define what the term means in your language – the meaning may differ somewhat from the English definition we show of a matched English concept!

Stick to these rules:

For English, we have 200,000 entries with "working definitions" borrowed from the Princeton WordNet. Some of these definitions are great, but many can be much better. When you improve the definitions in English, we can provide better guidance for translations across languages.

For more insight about writing definitions, you can watch this video.

Localization Notes:
1. "Write or vote for a definition in" is followed by a language name. You can modify this phrase in any way that works for your language, e.g., "Write a definition or vote for one of the options below, using this language:"
2. "Working definition" is the temporary definition that gives an idea of the intended meaning, but might be improved by the people playing the game.

Screenshot of the Definition Game