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Newsletter December 2006

Archived Page

This is a page from the Kamusi archives. The information below may be out of date, and the links may no longer be valid. Please visit for current information. If you know of links or information on this page that can be updated, please let us know.

Dear Visitor,

This is a periodic newsletter for the Internet Living Swahili Dictionary.

The Kamusi Project has introduced several new features this year, and we have continued improving our existing resources. However, progress is slower than we would like, due to lack of funding. We are now working on a pay-as-we-go basis; when people have donated to our account, we ask our staff to work. We are thankful for numerous donations from individuals during the past year, as well as a donation from the Neguanee Foundation and an anonymous contribution "for the love of Reda" that together paid for more than three months of work. You can donate easily - thank you for helping keep the project going!

We have now greatly enhanced our Swahili Book Store, serviced by Amazon, which provides a wide range of Swahili and Africa-related books, music, movies, and more. A portion of each sale supports the Kamusi Project, so please visit the bookstore for all your holiday shopping! Also, please send your ideas about products we can offer - if it is sold by Amazon, we can list it on our site.

We have also introduced the world's only Swahili clock. This unique clock is designed to tell time the Swahili way, with "one o'clock" being the hour after sunrise. It makes a fantastic holiday present, and 60% of the purchase price supports the Kamusi Project. Click here for more information about Swahili time, as well as a link to purchase your own Swahili clock and Kamusi shirts, caps, mugs, and bags.

Our core work continues, editing and improving the Swahili dictionaries available to the public. Among the thousands of terms we have edited this year, we have essentially completed detailed up-to-date Swahili vocabularies of bird species and country names, as well as a complete Swahili Periodic Table of the Elements. Of course, more work remains, particularly with arranging the order in which entries are displayed, so please use our Edit Engine and Grouping Tool to help improve the quality of the dictionary. Click here for a guide to our editorial tools.

You can even watch your submissions being processed live on our new Kamusi Kam.

We recently introduced a Kamusi Chatroom on the site. The feature is not yet perfect, and we haven't yet built up a steady user base for the chat service, but you can help change that. Please visit the chatroom often to find others interested in Swahili from around the world, and thank you for your patience as we develop the service. The chatroom is here (you must be logged in to use it).

Speaking of project visitors from around the world, we just introduced a few new information boxes that let you learn about your fellow Swahili enthusiasts. You can find these info boxes on the right side of most project pages, showing the countries from where visitors are logged in at that moment, all the countries that have visited the site since November 17 of this year, and more. So far this year we have hosted more than 1/2 million unique visitors from almost every country on the planet, to whom we have served more than 7 million pages.

Other information boxes that we are developing will give you a glimpse of the project in action. We have just programmed a feature to display the 5 most recent search terms for both Swahili and English, and we will soon add info boxes showing the most recent edits, groupings, photo uploads, and more. Keep your eye on the far right side of the Kamusi Project pages to watch these features roll out.

One additional important info box acknowledges our major supporters. Please contact us about how to be listed as a Major Supporter, and please pass along word of this recognition to any potential major supporters you know of!

Finally, we have recently developed a Web Services Module that makes it possible for webmasters to build Kamusi searches directly into their own websites. This module returns search results in a format that can be easily converted to your native site design, so that it looks like you have a Swahili dictionary embedded right in your site. This module is available on a subscription basis - please contact us if you are interested in discussing implementation for your project or company.

That's our news at the moment. We wish you the best for the coming year, and thank you for using and supporting the Kamusi Project!

Martin Benjamin
Kamusi Project Editor
Yale Council on African Studies


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