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This is a page from the Kamusi archives. The information below may be out of date, and the links may no longer be valid. Please visit for current information. If you know of links or information on this page that can be updated, please let us know.

The Kamusi Challenge: We contend that Kamusi's unique design is the world's most effective model for translating terms among a large number of languages, and we invite you to test that proposition on our demonstration data. We have a long way to go in our efforts to provide every word in all the world's 7000 languages, but the underlying structure raises communications among languages to a new level while we work to make the data bigger and better.

For example, look at these four senses of light:

  1. low weight
  2. pale
  3. illuminating energy
  4. illuminating device

Compare your ability to find your exact meaning in one language after another to any other multilingual reference, such as:, bing, babylon,,, Etaco, freedict, Global Glossary, Glosbe, Google, Langtolang, Logos, OmegaWiki, OneLook, PanLex, Slovnyk, Wikiwords, Wiktionary, wordgumbo,