Take the Kamusi Challenge

The Kamusi Challenge: We contend that Kamusi is the world's most effective tool for translating terms among a large number of languages, and we invite you to test that proposition on our demonstration data.

For example, look at these four senses of "light":

  1. low weight
  2. pale
  3. illuminating energy
  4. illuminating device

Compare your ability to find your exact meaning in one language after another to any other multilingual reference, such as: bab.la, bing, babylondict.ccDicts.infoEtaco, freedict, Global GlossaryGlosbeGoogle, Langtolang, Logos, OmegaWiki, OneLookPanLex, SlovnykWikiwordsWiktionarywordgumboWordReference.com.

  • How accurate is the translation across languages, from any Language A to B? B to C? C to X?
  • Are definitions available for each concept in English or another “wider communication” language? 
  • Are there definitions of the matched term in the translation language?
  • What sort of rich information exists for a term or can be added: Own-language definitions? Etymology? Word forms? Usage examples? Audio? Images? 
  • Can someone who does not know English move confidently from their mother tongue to another language? 
  • Are there tools for users to improve the entry, and are improvements moderated by language experts?
  • Could a computer use the data to correctly translate a given sense of "light"?
  • Could a student?
  • Can you?

Kamusi Project

Kamusi is the Swahili word for "Dictionary", and dictionaries are what we do. Our goal is to provide every word in every language, for free to everyone, everywhere