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The Kamusi Project is a participatory international effort dedicated to improving knowledge of the world's languages. Our long term mission is to produce dictionaries and other language resources for every language, and to make those resources available for free to everyone.

Kamusi is different: We are producing dictionaries for each language, with full monolingual definitions for every concept. Each concept is then matched to similar ideas in all other participating languages. Watch a video of the system in action for our 100 term demonstration set - a dictionary really can do that! We are constantly adding new terms and new languages - contact us if you can contribute for your language.

Take the Kamusi Challenge: We contend that Kamusi is the world's most effective tool for translating terms among a large number of languages, and we invite you to test that proposition on our demonstration data. See more...

Kamusi is a work in progress, so expect rough edges as we race to improve our features and our data. This project has emerged from the Internet Living Swahili dictionary (we need your help adding English and Swahili definitions!), and has expanded to many additional African languages. Now we are incorporating languages from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas - please join us, help us grow, and come back often!

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Submitted on 27 Mar 2013

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Submitted on 27 Mar 2013

Kamusi on the move in a Nairobi matatu.

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Recent Words

mkono | Swahili | nomino (noun)
Kiungo cha juu cha mwili kinachoendelea kutoka bega hadi ncha za vidole.
connaissance | French | nom - noun (French)
Action, fait de comprendre, de connaître les propriétés, les caractéristiques, les traits spécifiques de quelque chose
savoir | French | nom - noun (French)
Ensemble des connaissances acquises par l’étude, par l’expérience.

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Kamusi is the Swahili word for "Dictionary", and dictionaries are what we do. Our goal is to provide every word in every language, for free to everyone, everywhere